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Our latest deck build is a stunning addition to the front of a side-by-side duplex, serving as the main entryway for both units and extending over the garage doors. The catwalk design not only adds functionality but also enhances the overall beauty of the house, complementing its lighter colors. To achieve this, we utilized TimberTech PVC decking in the Boardwalk color, which not only offers exceptional durability and low maintenance but also perfectly complements the house’s aesthetic. The deck’s clean lines and smooth finish create an inviting space for residents and visitors alike, making it an eye-catching and practical feature for the duplex.







TimberTech Advanced PVC Landmark Collection | Boardwalk


Timbertech Impressions Aluminum Railing in White


TimberTech Advanced PVC Landmark Collection | Boardwalk


Custom Folded Miter post wraps

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